Entrelacs Quasicristallins, 2016



Top pannel of a stained glass prototype, Adrien Lucca / Vitraux d’Art Debongnie, 2016
“Lamberts” Antique Glass, lead, grisaille, 59 x 67 cm


Entrelacs quasicristallins was a project intented to replace the 24 windows of the 12th Century Abbey of Sylvanès in France (see: http://www.sylvanes.com). The project, built in partnership with the company Vitraux d’Art Debongnie (see: http://vitraux-debongnie.be) made it up to the final step of the competition – but didn’t win.

This project has involved a lot of interesting research about natural light, different types of glass, and about mathematics.



Inside the Abbaye de Sylvanès…


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Four elevations East, South, West, North.




The pictures below – from the application file – show the computer-design approach and the physical study of glass and of natural light that I developped for the project:




My proposal was to consider the Sun as the conductor of an orchestra where each individual window is an interpreter, in a large piece in four movements, representing the cycle from birth to death and the four seasons at once.




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