Mémoire d’atelier sur trois projets, 2017





First of all, Mémoire d’atelier sur trois projets is an exhibition in 3 parts at été 78 in Brussels (see: ete78.com), it is also a book project with Jeunesse et Arts Plastiques (see: jap.be)

This project is born from discussions with the belgian art collector Olivier Gevart. He invited me 2 years ago to think about an exhibition in his private art space.

For 2 years, I have been mostly working on “big” public art projects and I thought this proposal from Olivier was a good opportunity to show what I have been working on, to write about these projects and to show this new chapter of my art practice to the public in a detailed and well-documented presentation.

What’s especially new is the work with glass and stained-glass, in collaboration with the studio Vitraux d’Art Debongnie in Belgium. This is the subject of the part 1 and 2 of the exhibition.


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Exhibition views, Mémoire d’atelier… 1st part: Soleil de minuit, 2015-2017 @ été78, Brussels



Avant-propos et introduction


Soleil de minuit, 2015-2017




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