What Mary didn’t Know, Leipzig, 2016



Invited by friend Jeff Weber to make an exhibition in-situ in Leipzig in the frame of his exhibition program “Kunsthalle Leipzig”, I produced temporary new works there that were loosing their colors because the exhibition spaces were illuminated by low-pressure sodium lamps – as in many O. Eliasson’s installation, but differently.

Probably the most spectacular piece: Magic Carpet (2016, inkjet print on canvas, RGB LED and low-pressure sodium lamp), was simply a color print lying on the floor, partially illuminated by a white RGB LED lamp. The very bright colors of the print were only visible under the white light, the rest of the Carpet remained grey.


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Exhibition views, What Mary didn’t Know, Leipzig, 2016


An edition of prints that are visually equivalent under low-pressure sodium light has been crafted using an inkjet printer and a ballpen-plotter for the occasion: Sox equivalents, 2016







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