A White Room Without Yellow, 2018

in the orther room AWRWY V2

in the white room AWRWY V3

light fixtures sets front V3 AWRWY



Hey Olafur, can you make a white light that does not let yellow appear?!

A White Room Without Yellow was an exhibition at LMNO gallery in which I created a special type of light called Special cold-white light. This slightly bluish white light makes yellow disappear (it becomes either bright Red-Orange or whitish).

A White Room Without Yellow refers to – and is a comment on – Olafur Eliasson’s piece Room for one colour (1997), in which Eliasson uses his so-called “monofrequency lamps” (in fact low-pressure sodium lamps) to erase all colors (see: http://olafureliasson.net/archive/artwork/WEK101676/room-for-one-colour).

Using sodium or any monochromatic light to erase colors is easy, what happens in A White Room Without Yellow is much more difficult to achieve.

the two sets of color sample AWRWY V2

2 times 28 identical color samples illuminated by Special cold-white light (left) and classical artificial white light (right)

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