Zone sans jaune, 2019

ZSJ (with daylight)

FINAL coloré diag

Initially displayed at ARCO Madrid, “Zone sans jaune” is an installation made of special white lights, natural daylight and painted polycarbonate plates installed on a white wall.

On one side of the wall, where the special artificial light is present, the colours of the plates are modified : they appear more red and more saturated. On the right side, the colours are as they usually appear. The result is a gradient of colour modifications induced by the interaction between natural and artifical lights.

The 28 coloured plates are coated with a diversity of coloured pigments that react differently to the artificial light. The positions and formats of the plates have been chosen with the help of an algorithm in order to avoid direct subjective choices. The proportions of the work are fixed but can be adapted in-situ.


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