Fluences, 2019

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Another “didn’t make it” project for a public building in Namur (BE), that was about using non-toxic red pigments to create a facade painting that interacts with natural daylight variations.

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I collected about 100 different red pigments from all over the world (natural and synthetic) and I studied their optical characteristics in order to generate simulations of the work in advance within my own softwares. The coatings were supposed to be inorganic and very durable.

Figure_1-14 noms pays pigments

The drawing on the facade represents the course of the two rivers that meet in Namur: the Sambre and the Meuse. Symbolically, this work represents the past, the present and the future of the region (the mining industry in Wallonie, the international market we have today, the research for eco-friendly and high-tech inorganic materials – the geographic position of Namur as a regional hub – the cosmopolitan quality of Wallon society).



Adrien Lucca - FLUENCES - PLAN BOULEVARD - small

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